Summer 2008

CityForm India – an International Dissemination and Research Networking Conference held in New Delhi, India. Jenks, Raman and Dempsey organised and led this conference bringing together UK and India-based researchers, practitioners and policy makers.

Spring 2008

March 2008

Representatives from CityForm presented a number of papers at ‘Sustainability, Space and Social Justice’ UK-Ireland Planning Research Conference 2008, Queen's University, Belfast, 18-20 March, 2008.

What impact does urban form have on community sustainability? Nicola Dempsey, Caroline Brown and Glen Bramley

Healthy and happy? Urban form and social sustainability Caroline Brown, Glen Bramley and Nicola Dempsey

Autumn 2008

1 November

The successful CityForm Research Dissemination Seminar was held at the RIBA in London on 1st November. The research team presented the research findings from the different parts of the project.

12-14 November

Representatives from CityForm presented a number of papers at 'The Vital City' European Urban Research Association (EURA) 10th Anniversary Conference, University of Glasgow. Papers presented:

Urban Form and Social Sustainability: planning for happy, cohesive and 'vital' communities? Glen Bramley, Caroline Brown, Nicola Dempsey and Sinead Power

Are high quality neighbourhoods socially sustainable? Methodological challenges of unpacking multidimensional concepts Nicola Dempsey

Retailing and the City: an investigation into the relationships between urban form and retailing in Edinburgh Allison Orr, Charlotte MacDonald, Chris Leishman, and Colin Jones

Spring / Summer 2007

10 July

Consortium Meeting, University of Sheffield

10-12 April

Representatives from CityForm presented a number of papers at the 'Thinking Spaces for Making Places' Planning Research Conference, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.

Winter 2006/2007

17 January

Consortium Meeting, The Prince's Foundation, London 18th January Steering Committee Meeting, RICS, London

Summer 2006

19 September

Consortium Meeting, IESD, De Montfort University

23 May

CityForm Research Seminar held at Oxford Brookes University
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If you would like more details on the seminar presentations go to Publications

Spring 2006

28 March

Consortium Meeting at the University of Sheffield

05-07 April

Global Places, Local Spaces Conference at UCL

Papers presented:

What is "Social Sustainability", and How Do Our Existing Urban Forms Perform in Nurturing it?
Glen Bramley, Nicola Dempsey, Sinead Power and Caroline Brown

Defining the Neighbourhood: empirical challenges
Nicola Dempsey, Mike Jenks and Glen Bramley

The Contribution of "Sustainable" New Developments to Sustainable Lifestyles: an evaluation of schemes in the UK (interim research findings)
Carol Dair and Katie Williams

Levels of Privacy in New Sustainable Housing Developments in England
Morag Lindsay and Katie Williams