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Papers from the 2012 CityForm Research Findings Conferences (New Delhi & Ahmedabad):

Download Paper Jenks, M (2012)
Introduction to CityForm Research

Download Paper Raman, S and Dempsey, N (2012)
CityForm Research Framework and Methodology

Download Paper Ray, S (2012)
Findings From Cityform-India Research

Download Paper Ray, S and Chetan, V. (2011)
Planning for Sustainable Urban Form for Indian Cities, Urban India Journal, July-December 2011.

Download Paper Dempsey, N. and Raman, S. (2009)
UK-India collaborative research network examines sustainable urban form in India’s rapidly growing cities, Urban Design and Planning, 162(2): 49-51.

Download Paper Vaidya, C. (2009)
Urban Issues, Reforms And Way Forward In India, Ministry of Finance, Government of India

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