CityForm-Africa is a new initiative to promote sustainable urban development in Africa through a programme of new empirical research and knowledge exchange across Africa.

The main aim of CityForm-Africa is to develop evidence-based planning and design guidance for rapidly growing cities in Africa. The partners in the network will include academic and government institutions from Africa, India and the European Union.

CityForm-Africa will extend the research focus of the Cityform project to examine the role that urban form can play in the sustainability of African cities.

Established in 2006 by Oxford Brookes University in partnership with a number of other institutions, the CityForm project is now run by the Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development (OISD) at Oxford Brookes.

The development of the CityForm-Africa project follows the establishment of the CityForm-India project in 2008 to promote the development of research and exchange on the Indian sub-continent.

CityForm-Africa will be launched at a conference in Nairobi in March 2011. The aim of the conference is to bring the academic partners and stakeholders in urban development together to define the parameters of the CityForm-Africa research project.

Participants in the conference include academics, policy makers and practitioners from across the continent, alongside existing members of the CityForm programme. The conference will develop this new research and knowledge exchange consortium. It will also identify the issues and challenges facing African cities, the scale and focus of existing research and practice, and the core gaps to be tackled through the CityForm-Africa programme.

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