CityForm-India started as a dialogue between some of the key partnering institutions two years ago. In 2008 the team, led by Oxford Brookes University and the National Institute of Urban Affairs, organized a conference in New Delhi to bring potential partners and stakeholders together for a day to discuss the issue or urban growth, urban form and sustainability. Currently, CityForm India consists of more than 20 academic partners from India, UK, Europe, US and Asia as well as a number of stakeholders in urban development and professional bodies from India.


The University of Warwick, UK

Dr Shibu Raman

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University of Nottingham, UK - China - Malaysia

Dr Shibu Raman

NIUA (National Institute of Urban Affairs)
New Delhi, India

Prof. Chetan Vaidya

SPA (School of Planning and Architecture)
New Delhi, India

Prof. K T Ravindran

CEPT (Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology)
Ahmedabad, India

Prof. Utpal Sharma

Univeristy of Sheffield, UK

Dr. Nicola Dempsey