Core Methodology

The integrated methodology includes the measurement of urban forms, which provides typologies and connectivity indicators across the total of fifteen case study locations in the five cities. The measurement of urban form includes building typologies, digital map footprints and configurations which are mapped on GIS, and analysed using methods including SPSS, Space Syntax, measures of accessibility and Multiple Centrality Assessment (MCA).

Methodology Diagram

The methodologies employed to measure sustainability include:

  • Environmental: environmental modelling, site surveys, biodiversity, mapped on GIS
  • Social: questionnaires, focus groups, neighbourhood statistics
  • Economic: interviews, land and property market data and models
  • Transport: activity diaries, field surveys, accessibility assessments, transportation mode

These complex sets of data will be analysed to find the urban forms which are beneficial, those which are problematic and those where conflicts between and within the sustainability impacts arise